The Technological Advancement Over The Last Decade Essay

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1. Introduction:
There has been an immense technological advancement over the last decade. The advent of technology advancement can be attributed to the start of the industrial age. Industrialization has not only helped in solving multitudes of problems or making tasks easier, but they have also led to the forming of expectations amongst the users when something new is developed. As a designer or a product developer, there are always challenges they face while creating new products which are innovative in terms of technology and cost effectiveness. Keeping in mind that the product which is designed must be easy for the user to adapt and use is also a priority. Ethics of selling a product, too plays an important role and this either makes or breaks the relation between the customer and the company/brand. Staying ahead in the competition and making something exclusive not only adds value to the company, but also puts the designer/product developers in a spot where they need to think out of the box and innovate based on the aforementioned constraints. This paper addresses the issues, which project managers or user experience designer might face in the field of selling ethics, building mental models and cost effective innovation.
2. Ethics on selling to customers
In the business world, ethics is a highly debatable and controversial topic. There is no standard measure to state if a particular perceived ethic is good or bad. This decision is highly subjective and each viewer has

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