The Tempest

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People or beings shot not be imprisoned for whatever reason, but can some say the same thing? In the play "The Tempest" written by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare introduces the theme of freedom vs confinement with the main confined character, Caliban. "The Tempest" begins with a terrifying storm, cast above a ship on the ocean's surface. The storm causes different characters to be wisped to different areas in a not so uninhabited island. The characters will now be forced to find each other. Meanwhile, one of the crew mates is the first to be subdued by Prospero, the once duke of Milan. He meets and falls in love with Prospero's daughter, Miranda.Problems begin to stir with Prospero's servant, known through the play as Caliban. Shakespeare …show more content…

Caliban states "I must obey, his art is of such power, it would control my dams god"( ). There are people around the world who enslave others for their own benefit. Theses people will harbor the labor and continue to use them, until they are worth no more. In some ways the higher up power, could even gain joy with their act. Enslavement and imprisonment have been around since the beginning of time. Even to this day, one could see it's still a problem in some third world countries. Slaves will often be neglected their freedom for long periods of time. Caliban knows the power his master possesses, is "truly great".Caliban is forced to do any sort of labor his master Prospero presents him. If not done, he would be tormented with cramps in his stomach. Thus concluding his freedoms …show more content…

This struggle can be transferred as anger or hatred. If one is imprisoned for a long time, they will eventually feel the after effects of being held captive. Caliban expresses his feelings "help me kill my master"( ). Caliban has fostered his hatred towards Prospero. He has been held and used for labor purposes. These ongoing emotions cause him to obtain sudden urges of death towards Prospero. People who go through times of imprisonment, can and will go through some anger obstacles. A person does not necessarily need to be held captive in a confined space, like a cell. Instead, at times, many get stumped about different events and barriers. Countless decisions to make, doing the right thing and even being happy, can lead to anger problems. Maybe not an urge to kill someone , but a negative tone can be manifested through

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