The Ten Best Word Processing Apps for the MAC

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Q: Write ten best word processing apps for the MAC (Media Access Control).
There are many similarities between all the word processing apps (for MAC).
Few important word processing Apps for MAC are discussed here:
1. Write 2:
The MAC (media access control), is not lacking in word processing apps. Write 2 handles almost everything, related to word processor with simplicity and ease.
The platform of write 2 is” Mac OS X”.
Some important work related to “write 2” are “Paragraph Highlighting , Typewriter scrolling , Zoom View,
Header and Footer, comments, Read and write support (for words), page numbering, Resume, auto save, I-Cloud, substitutions, word count, annotations and auto save” e.t.c.
2. Text Edit:
Textedit was on top ranking (few years before) but Write 2 offers more important features, which make it easier to write than text edit. It is also designed to be a Word Processor rather than a simple “TextEditor”. However, TextEdit is better choice than write to because if you do not want to pay the money to purchase Write 2 you already have TextEdit free(free of cost). There are many similarities in features of Write 2 and that of Text Edit.
3. Bean :
Bean, is simple and easy to use word processor. Bean is used to make their user write comfortably, efficiently and conveniently. Bean is, somehow very similar to TextEdit in the sense that its goal that it is also a simple, no-frills and free word processing app but it is important to be added here that

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