Unit Wp2: Word Processing Software

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Unit WP2: Word processing software Assessment Scenario You work for the Marketing department of The Fruit and Veggie People Ltd, a company that sells organic, ethically sourced fruit and vegetable boxes. You are responsible for overseeing production of a newsletter that will be mailed to existing customers. You have been given an initial draft of the newsletter to edit and prepare for printing and mailing. The newsletter will be sent to customers on the first of the month, along with a cover letter. You have been asked to edit and prepare the newsletter, taking it from 1st draft to final draft ready for distribution. You must also make changes to the cover letter that will be sent out with the newsletter, and create a form …show more content…

Before you start working on this part of your assessment, carry out some planning by answering the following questions. 1. What kind of Word document should you create for this task? “.doc” – Microsoft Word Document file You are correct when you say you should create a Word document, Rytis, but you had to state what specific type of document you have been asked to create. However, although you haven’t done this in your answer to this question, the type of document is implied in your answer to Question 2 below, in which you have stated that you would use a newsletter template, so I will not ask you to repeat “newsletter” here. 2. Can you suggest a suitable template to use and say what style / structure would be most appropriate for this document? Template of newsletter of business involved with products – fruits, and vegetables, so it should be colourfull. So most sutable would be : Newsletter template, I think also would be suitable Flyer template. For style and structure I would use preferences which are bigger, maybe with bold/strong – style letters. To be more flashy with newsletter , for attention attraction. 04/11/13 – You have stated that you could use the template called Newsletter, and have used this when creating your newsletter for this assignment. Good. You’ve explained that the fonts which are bold and strong, and which would attract attention, but could you mention what

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