The Tennis Court Oath And The Death Of Marat

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The French Revolution was a chaotic time of blood, death, and fear. Though there were many negative outcomes and events of the Revolution, it big change to sweep across France. The Revolution began in the middle of 1789 with the swearing of the Tennis Court Oath, in which members of the third estate, as well as some from the first and second estates, swore that they would not go anywhere until they had written a constitution for France. Then, the Revolution really took off, and continued on for years. Many people influenced the Revolution, such as Marat and Robespierre. The death of Marat was another event that had a large influence on the Revolution, as though he had caused lots of deaths, he was stilled viewed as a hero by most. Looking at the two paintings “The Tennis Court Oath,” and “The Death of Marat,” “The Tennis Court Oath” depicts a more significant and relevant event, as this was the event to really cause the French Revolution to take off.
“The Tennis Court Oath” is a painting that depicts the swearing of an oath by members mainly from the third estate, but also some from the first and second that had sided with the third. Just days before, the estates had been called by the king to a meeting of the Estates General, where the representatives from each estate gathered at the palace Versailles to discuss important matters proposed by the king. The Estates General had not met in over 150 years, but the king needed their approval for him to raise taxes to

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