The Term Social Justice

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The term “Social Justice” has been defined in a variety of ways. Amongst them, according to Tasmanian Centre for Global Learning (2011), they incorporate concepts of basic rights, the realisation of human potential, social benefit, a healthy planet, an equitable distribution of resources, equal opportunities and obligations, security, and freedom from discrimination. This essay will aim to discuss social justice and the historical perspective while incorporating key philosophical and socio-political perspectives. Alongside this, it will also examine whether there have been developments of changes to the structure of society and the relevance they hold today when striving for social justice. This essay will also study the learning through working alongside social work and primary education students and what knowledge and experience has been gained from this for future development of reflective practitioners. Conclusively, this essay will examine whether positive outcomes can be achieved while working collaboratively towards achieving social justice in modern day Britain. In order to achieve ‘social justice’ we need to strive for equity rather than equality. Equity is based on the idea of moral equality, the principle that people should be treated as equals. According to Jones (2009) this is the idea that, despite many differences, all people share a common humanity or human dignity. The difference between equity and equality is that equality means treating everyone equally
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