The ' The Diaspora ' Diaspora

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As our world becomes that much more globalized with each passing day, the way we chose to interpret and define ourselves and others also becomes much more elaborate, as well. During this week’s readings we focus on defining who is who within the contexts of refugees, internally displaced people (IDP), stateless persons, asylum seekers and diasporas. In Rogers Brubaker’s “The ‘diaspora’ diaspora,” we focus specifically on how the meaning and categorization of persons as diaspora has in itself changed. The word diaspora, basically inconsequential until about 50 years or so, was defined specifically to mirror the case of Jewish diaspora which had scattered after their captivity. However, the meaning of the word diaspora has come to broaden itself so much as to include any possible population that is dispersed to some extent (Brubaker 2006, p. 3). In this article, Brubaker argues that the overall problem with the overstretching of the term diaspora to become all-inclusive to such variants consequentially makes the term irrelevant because in that case it loses its meaning in defining a person or group of persons as part of a dispersed group, in other words, the globalization of the term causes it to be non-existent. Therefore, Brubaker wants to convince us that we should not simply bound diaspora as a fixed entity that can be used to categorize a group of people, but instead as a claim made by persons who chose to identify or exemplify loyalty to a population. In the article
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