The Theme Of Blood In Macbeth

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Macbeth is the most gloomy book in Shakespearean Tragedy. And blood is a existence that help to move the plot along and it also throughout the whole play. From the begging of the story to the end, blood was rendering the gloomy and bloody atmosphere, it include several meanings but not just guilty. We can find the reason why all the things goes down. Therefore blood is a very important role in this story. The beginning of the story is about Macbeth’s extraordinary contribution in the battle field. The blood in this case means successful, brave and symbolize honor. ‘For brave Macbeth’, this is how the Caption praise him and this time the blood is positive one. The King was very happy with he, he was so proud and was eager to rise up in the …show more content…

As he confirm it, he said ‘If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me, Without my stir.’ This time he start to think it’s not a chance to be a King, the ‘chance’ has become to ‘fate’, this promote him to listen to his wife and ‘being a man’ to kill the King Duncan and also metaphor the following plot. Therefore the second significant plot is the King Duncan were killed by Macbeth and in this case blood was means evil, betray and lost humanity. ‘That is the step on which i must fall down.’ This shows the blood is also mean ambition and the ambition is ‘black and deep.’ But this means Macbeth did know this aim will make him falling down. We can see the things was falling down gradually. Because the King is almost like a god for people in that time. However Macbeth kill the King to achieve his aim, this was very ridiculous and criminal in Jacobean era. Then the imaginary blood has appeared after Macbeth killed Duncan because he felt guilty. The blood in Macbeth’s hand which is ‘The multitudinous seas in incarnadine’, shows this can’t be wash away, even the entire sea can't clear the blood in his hand. The atmosphere was more heavy more bloody and the following story were losing control

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