The Theme Of Characterism In One Of These Days By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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This type of response focuses mainly on the reader's reaction and their experiences, opposed to focusing on the author or the content and form of work. In the story, One of These Days by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the reader’s embark on a new mindset, one that allows them to understand the purpose of the characters. Realizing the themes of the story help the reader learn the text to a new extent. The reader can also interpret the text using the symbols that are scattered around the story. Putting these elements together, the author is able to convey to the readers that there is a deeper meaning than what is perceived at first. Throughout the story the characteristics of the characters give the readers an opinion on them and how they feel about them. The protagonist of the story Aurelio has the reader’s feeling sympathetic for him as he is forced into acts he does not want to complete, “He says if you don’t take out his tooth, he’ll shoot you” (One of these days). This shows insight on the conflict between Aurelio and the mayor, it shows that the mayor is corrupt into forcing Aurelio to pull his tooth. Therefore, the mayor is not looked at brightly by the reader as he is threatening Aurelio’s life. The antagonist of the story is a complex character and would have an intriguing backstory, the mayor is a villain in the eyes of the reader because of the corrupt state that he has brought upon the town, “‘Send the bill,’ he said. ‘To you or the town?’ The mayor didn’t look at him.

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