The Theme Of Death And Death In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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In Hamlet, Shakespeare depicts the diffusion side of the problematic part in the life of the hero who recoils and leads to his death. The use of death in storytelling offers many pathways to character development and can also carry the theme of the story. Many stories can also be centered around death. In the story of Hamlet, the story begins with the young prince depressed about the death of his father.

Prince Hamlet was ordinary boy just like any other. He was a smart and clever young man and was probably very kind to have many friends and a girlfriend, but after the news of his father’s death, he had changed. Hamlet soon began to shut himself in his room every night and wears nothing but dark clothing. The death of his father …show more content…

“ I loved you not.” Towards the middle of his play, Hamlet sees that his uncle appears to act suspicious and proceeds to walk out of the room. This means that what the ghost said must be true and he may now proceed in getting his revenge. Even though the young prince believes that he is pretending, it seems that between the death of his father and the feeling of betrayal by his loved ones has taken its toll on Hamlet.

During a conversation with his mother, Hamlet hears a noise from the tapestry and thought it was Claudius, so he proceeds to stabbing him, but out came Polonius, Ophelias father. Hamlet’s obsession with revenge has caused him to kill an innocent man and unavoidably leads his lover to perish. The death of her father drives Ophelia insane and eventually she drowns causing her brother Laertes to hate Hamlet for destroying his family and teaming up with Claudius to kill the prince. Their plan was to have Laertes fight Hamlet in a fencing match where Laertes will fight with a sword that is coated with poison and later Claudius will offer Hamlet a Cup filled with poison. As the match begins Laertes cuts Hamlet, then they accidentally switch swords and then Hamlet cuts Laertes. Now both boys have been sliced by the poisoned blade and their lives are reaching their end. As Claudius watches the match with Gertrude, too focused on the match to be

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