The Theme Of Greed In Mrs. Warren's Profession

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Dresses, Shoes, and Greed—oh my! In Mrs. Warren’s Profession, there are several reoccurring themes that are detrimental to the focus of the text, and the focus of readers in general. While there are many themes in this text to choose from, one of the most prevalent themes in the work is the theme of greed. What separates this theme from others is the fact that it shapes Mrs. Warren as an individual, while other themes do not. Not only does this theme play into the transformation of Mrs. Warren as an individual, but it also ties closely into the relationship between Mrs. Warren and her daughter, Vivie. The theme of greed goes as far into Mrs. Warren’s Profession to develop both Mrs. Warren and her daughter as characters, shape their relationship as a whole, as well as thicken the plot as the text unravels. The meaning of greed can be defined as the “…intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power or food” (Oxford Dictionary). The given definition for greed by the Oxford Dictionary can be interpreted into Mrs. Warren’s Profession in the sense that we, as readers, know that she continues to prostitute herself due to her lust for the finer things in life. According to Mrs. Warren, “…it means a new dress every-day; it means theatres and balls every night; it means having the pick of all the gentlemen in Europe at your feet; it means everything you like, everything you want, everything you can think of” (Shaw). However, Mrs. Warren’s greed does not only

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