The Theme Of Isolation In The Novel 'Company Town'

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The novel “Company Town” takes place in a technology-reliant dystopia through the eyes of Hwa, a young adult who is very different than most people. The people around her live luxurious lifestyles and have used of high-tech the gadgets to assist them with just about anything. Hwa however does not have access to these great technologies and also struggles with feeling accepted and strong. Throughout this novel, the theme of isolation is shown through Hwa’s selflessness, physical self and her experience of neglect. Hwa lives in a society where everyone wants to be, and can be flawless. People are covered in augments and technologies to enhance features and repair body parts through surgeries that can be quite costly. Hwa is not fortunate …show more content…

She pulled it shut behind her as the car began to move. “You’re okay. We’re okay.”” She was completely off duty, and risked her safety to save a girl that she just barely knew. This shows Hwa’s great internal instinct to protect people. Sometimes in society, people of power and who protect people are feared or disliked, one example is the police, who many people are scared of and may feel targeted by. Throughout the novel, it seems people primarily interact with Hwa to take advantage of her martial arts and protective abilities, and otherwise stay away from her. This feeling that people only use Hwa can add to the feeling of being isolated from others. Hwa’s selflessness is also shown when several of her close friends die, including Calliope on page 104 and Layne on page 175. Hwa feels extremely guilty about them and tries endlessly to find out exactly what happened to them and why they died, even though she is completely not responsible to do so. She devotes much of her time to solving these deaths, in which she receives no help and draws herself away from others, adding to her feeling of loneliness and isolation. Lastly, Hwa does not have a parental figure to support her and relate to, because he father is absent and her own mother has been neglecting her for her entire life. Sunny, Hwa’s mother is a very self-absorbed woman who has undergone numerous surgeries to

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