The Theme Of Sundiata Themes

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Sundiata has quite a few main themes throughout the book. During the core of the book the griot makes clear that man does not have power nor control over his own life. Sundiata's rise is predicted by soothsayers even before he is born, and a lot of his way towards the founding of the empire is basically a step towards grasping his destiny in life. The griot giggles at people who would challenge to disrupt or work against fate, for it happens to be something that is permanent. Among countless other things, the epic is indirectly an exploration of what assets explain Sundiata as an idol, and by allowance, what qualities are brave. when Sundiata is crippled when he was, little and could not walk, he had tough arms. But when he finally stands …show more content…

Because Ghana was an earlier civilization in that zone and is stated throughout the book it is not shocking that the people still pray to God. There are numerous mentions of Sundiata praying to God; before his encounter and before leaving his home. What amazed me is that is wasn’t a big discussion of what Christians would be known as pagan gods; idols. However, witches were brought up a few times. A superstition, is when Soumaora dies and black birds of misfortune comes. Another on page 8 was tossing an egg over your shoulder which will stop your enemies from hurting you. Another example would be time the blood of a virgin had to be sacrificed. Another sacrifice is when Djata had to give a hundred white bulls, a hundred white rams, and a hundred white cocks. According to page 71 bulls, rams and cocks were also sacrificed. In this time, ethnic religions such as having witches in the area happened often and accepted. The mentioning of God, Islam, witches, ancestors, and superstitions I strongly believe that Sunduata was a Christian that understood and followed Islam. Sunduata was okay and did not try to prevent, or get rid of other religions. I’m very curious of why he was ok with numerous different ways of worship. I assume he did not care because no mattered where he was during his traveled religion did not play a huge role. Another reason might be because he doesn’t want anyone else to feel abandoned

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