The Theme Of The Red Pony

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Madisyn Sommer
Book Title: The Red Pony
Author: John Steinbeck

Warning spoilers!!

Genre: The Red Pony has a fiction and short story genre.
Plot Summary:
The Gift
A ten-year-old boy, Jody, receives a pony from his father Carl Tiflin. Jody takes care of this Pony with the help of the ranch’s employed hand Billy Buck. Billy spends his time teaching Jody how to take care of his horse, Gibilan. Jody puts every morning into brushing it and every afternoon when he comes home from school to training it. One day he left Gabilan out not knowing it was going to rain and he caught a serious cold. Billy spends days trying to nurse him back to health but unfortunately, that isn’t enough. Jody then kills a vulture but Billy defends Jody to Carl.
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Setting: This story takes place on the Tiflin ranch shortly after the turn of the 20th century.
Theme: Disappointment is a theme of The Red Pony one example is when Billy leads Jody to believe it will not rain but it does and Jody is disappointed in Billy for being incorrect.
Mood: A mood from The Red Pony is overwhelmed because after the death of Nellie or Gabilan Jody was both sad and mad but his mother and Billy could feel he was overwhelmed.
Tone: The tone was gloomy but in some parts inspiring. Some examples where when Nellie gave birth her child was healthy but she had died for it to happen.
Irony: One use of irony is symbolism the mountains symbolize barriers and the indents symbolize rough paths which is ironic because in this story Jody goes through many rough times and rocky roads.
Imagery: “In the grey quiet mornings when the land and the brush and the houses and the trees were silver-gray and black like a photograph negative, he stole toward the barn past the sleeping stones and the sleeping cypress tree” this quote shows imagery as I can picture the field and everything in it.
Symbolism: The triangle in this book symbolizes the power of the women which connects to how it is used because the women ring the triangle for everyone to come to the house and having

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