Essay about The Theme of Revenge Throughout Odyssey

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Revenge is a reoccurring theme throughout the Odyssey. Nearly every motivation for conflict within the Odyssey is because one of the characters is craving revenge. The three main areas of revenge in the first twelve books are as follows. Initially, Zeus prevents Odysseus and his men from returning home. Poseidon also continually chastises Odysseus throughout the entire story. Finally, the key account of revenge the reader sees in the story is from Telemachus in that he feels the need to make the suitors compensate for their impudence to his house as well as his mother. Therefore, each of the characters in the story is put through many hardships which pushes them to seek revenge. However, the major reason why Odysseus and his men are put …show more content…

Fortunately for Odysseus, he had Athena on his side. She pleaded with her father, Zeus, to allow Odysseus to go home and reunite with his family. At this point Zeus finally chose to help Odysseus reach home. Regrettably, Zeus was not the only one holding Odysseus back. In addition to Zeus, Poseidon held Odysseus at fault for blinding his son, the Cyclops. Although, Odysseus and his men had to fight off the Cyclops to survive Poseidon still blamed Odysseus for faulting his son after the fact. When Odysseus and his men arrived they found a monster’s cave which they entered and were unable to locate the host. They observed his cave and found many types of cheeses which they indulged themselves in. When the Cyclops returned, “he hoisted overhead a tremendous, massive slab—no twenty-two wagons, rugged and four-wheeled, could budge that boulder off the ground.” (Homer, 362). The Cyclops, feeling no conscious, ate many of Odysseus’ men. Finally, Odysseus decided to take action. He realized they needed the Cyclops to move the door, but needed to stay alive as well. After Odysseus and his men made the Cyclops very inebriated, they heated a stake and thrust it into the Cyclops eye. After the Cyclops had been blinded the men hid under his sheep as they wandered out into the pasture. At this point on the island, Odysseus had been very smart and told the Cyclops his name was Nobody.

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