The Themes Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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How Motifs are used to Develop the Themes of Macbeth
Just like in any other narration, Macbeth expresses masterful use of diverse rhetorical devices. Specifically, this narration is evidently defined by the use of motifs. Motifs of this narration are represented through the use of various events and some specific symbols. In many cases, themes of many narrations are developed through characters and their actions. However, in Macbeth, the themes are also created using motifs. In this regard, darkness, visions, prophecy and violence are the main motifs used in developing the themes and plot of Macbeth.
Darkness is one of the motifs used to create themes of the narration. From the onset, it is clear that Macbeth is a story that is deeply set in darkness. Critically, this darkness can be said to be psychological space for the story where the audience can see the inner conscience of the characters. In fact in reading this narration, one cannot easily make a distinction between reality and illusion thanks to this psychological space. In using darkness, it is clear that Shakespeare wanted to create wider space for the characters to interact with their own self while at the same time connecting with other characters as well as the events of the narration. This darkness also serves as the platform where reality vanishes within the story. In this regard, darkness enables the narration to go against the convention of time and space. In relation to themes, darkness develops the theme of

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