The Themes Of The Film Padmavati

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The film Padmavati shows a different part of the diversity of Indian culture. In addition, the trailer gives the viewers some perspective of the story between the three main characters who play an integral part in the movie. Moreover, it can also be interpreted that the story will involve some vigorous fight scenes between the protagonist and the antagonist, but also glimpses of the heroine. Furthermore, I think in the quick glimpse of the movie that is given to the viewers in the trailer helps to determine the certain themes of what the movie would be about: such as honour of the Rajputs but also the portrayal of women when their husbands go to war. The interpretation of the movie seems to have a very ominous vibe, but also a vibe of creativity that goes without question in terms of the costumes, scenery, etc. The controversy surrounding this movie is something that should be avoided because India should not be focusing on the elements that have gone on to make a specific movie, whether it is fact or fiction. Whereas, India should be focusing on matters at hand that are at a current debacle like: gender inequalities (female infanticide, sexual harassment towards women), poverty, famine, corrupt politics, etc. Therefore, this blog will discuss the controversy of the film Padmavati but also the retrospect between the controversy and the aspect of illusion suggested by Sigmund Freud and the fear of minorities suggested by Arjun Appadurai.

The film Padmavati is a film

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