The Theories And Theories Of Crime

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Introduction It is largely accepted that a comprehensive theory of sexual offending is likely to be multifactorial in nature and not one single origin or cause. The theory should take into account how developmental experiences, social and cultural learning, and biological mechanisms combine to create offending vulnerabilities. Causal factors such as: deviant sexual preferences, empathy deficits, intimacy problems, emotional disregulation and distorted beliefs or values usually all contribute and should be taken into consideration when analysing the offender. This paper seeks to highlight two of the possible theories of crime relating to the aetiology in case of Alfred. The two theories of crime which this paper will critically analyse and …show more content…

The errors can include: denial, claiming the right or entitlement to behaviour, blaming the victim and cognitive minimisation of harm done. These cognitive distortions are exemplified in the case of Alfred when he defended his behaviour saying that he “wanted to teach her about kissing and touching” and that she was “very mature” and that he wanted to “show her what it feels like when a guy really loves her”. It is suggested in the literature that its common for sex offenders to hold feelings of resentment and use these feelings to justify their behaviours, for example in Alfreds case he stated “she’s crazy like her mum, mate these girls always want to be drama queens… these chicks always want to be the boss and then they try make everything your fault”. In this statement he shows resentment towards the victim and her mum and possibly to all women in general. It was discussed in Auburn & Lea (2003) that sex offenders have a higher incidence of being self protective or self serving due to emotional discomfort, anxiety, low self esteem and poor relationships with others. Sex offenders often reframe the situation when challenged about their behaviour to maintain feelings of self worth. An example of this In the case of Alfred is as

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