The Theories Of Crime And Crime

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Since long time immemorial, many of people figured out explanations and theories about crime and those circumstances what encourage people to become criminals. Researchers of crime have looked of issues from different approaches, such as biological, psychological, and sociological. These developed thoughts created a fundamental basis of the criminology as a science and become to one of the most important issues of discipline. Furthermore, they figured out thoughts about who are criminals and how to recognize, and treat them. One of explanation of the term a criminal could be define as, a person who has committed a crime. History knows many of scientists, such as Cesare Lombroso, those sociologists of Chicago School, Nels Anderson, Ernest Burgess, Ruth Shonle Cavan, Edward Franklin and others, who came up with different sociological theories, supported by evidences of research work, about circumstances to commit a crime. These theories have looked to find solutions for concern of criminals are born or created by society. However, to discover an answer to issues is necessary to pay a particular attention to the early pioneering work of Lombroso and subsequently the sociological ideas of the Chicago School thinkers.
Cesare Lombroso discovered issues through biological and psychological approach. Theory has created of born criminal also, of physical and psychological abnormalities. Lombroso has used different research methods for an analysis of the characteristics of the

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