The Theory Of A Master Hydraulic Gear

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Meanwhile, Finch tries to hack into DESTINI’s activation systems. He is repeatedly denied access. He finally realizes that he has run into a system that he cannot seem to hack, reinforced through his emotional reaction. As the scene cuts back to the ship as it approaches the inner core, Keyes, Zimsky, and Brazzelton inform Childs of their new plan: to plant bombs in each compartment of the ship and eject each one at a time. However, Brazzelton reminds them that the ship is not built to eject undamaged compartments, throwing another wrench into their mission. A master hydraulic gear connects the ejection mechanisms, so the only way to eject the compartments with the bombs safely is to unlock the piston, which operates the gear.…show more content…
The final bomb is activated and Zimsky and Keyes evacuate the compartment. However, Zimsky and Keyes realize that the last bomb is not primed enough to complete the waveform necessary to accumulate a series of explosions in the Earth’s core. They determine it needs several more pounds of plutonium. Suddenly, an energy flare has struck the ship and Childs cannot keep the ship on course. Childs is going to eject the compartment but the bomb has fallen on Keyes. Childs steers the ship, which forces the bomb off Keyes, but on Zimsky. Zimsky implores Keyes to leave him in the compartment and evacuate. Zimsky then tells Keyes that to supply the last bomb with the pounds of plutonium needed to complete the waveform to use the fuel rods from the reactor before he loses contact with him on the monitor. Childs cannot hear them on the radio, so she cannot assume that they have cleared the compartment. Keyes gets the fuel rods to supply the last bomb and activates the emergency ejection compartment system just in time. Interestingly enough, Childs and Keyes are the only ones left standing to finish the mission. They realize that they do not enough energy to return in time to avoid the shock wave. They patiently wait for the blasts to ensue as well as the shock wave to reach them. One by one, bombs detonate in the core. As Keyes and Childs wait, he incurs a momentary process of thought as he stares at the crystal, which is out of

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