The Theory Of A Open Market Economy

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The Economics of Fairity

Wealth is a concept as old as civilization itself. Ever since humans first started to inhabit lands in large groups the concept of wealth has existed. It is the center hold of society. Weather it was furs, weapons, or gold, wealth or currency has been distributed between the hands of men and women of all walks of life. With this almost natural concept came another one of darker pretenses, the invisible hand. Originally proposed by logician and economist Adam Smith, the invisible hand is the concept of a open market economy in which everyone looks out solely for their own well being. This was seen at first as the sure fire way to ensure prosperity for all no matter what social class one may inhabit. However, this system of economic trickle down has proven not only inefficient, but outright criminal in many cases. Bernie Madoff was merely an exception, yes he has a 150 year sentence, but that 's not going to get the innocent people their money back. Nevertheless people of high economic influence are growing wealthier each day and little to nothing is being done to rectify the growing gap between America 's social classes.

The Fallacy of the Trickle and the nature of man.

The major cause of today 's economic inequality is the concept that wealth will trickle down from the top earners to everyone else with in a company, organization, or society. This concept has been popularized recently in American politics, but is an age old argument of
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