The Theory Of Evolution And Adaptation

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There are three major refutations against the design argument, first she designs argument is faulted for its weak analogy between the natural objects and the objects that that is known to have a creator such as buildings. This is the equivalent of comparing apples to oranges. For the second refutation the design argument claims that everything has a perfect design, this simply isn’t the case. For example, we can examine the issues of starvation within the United States, although the world is structured to perfectly provide food for humans, there still people starving because of imperfect circumstances such as the inability to transport food to those who can`t receive it themselves (Tombs 7). The strongest and most accepted argument against the design argument is the theory of evolution and adaptation. Those who support the theory of evolution and adaptation credits the perfect design of the aspects to those two concepts. Artic Fish are an example of this adaption, they have developed a protein in their blood that prevent their blood from freezing which allows them continue their metabolic functions (Lloyd 2). The finally argument against the design theory states that even if the premise of the argument is true, its doesn’t necessarily confirm the existence of God. The third argument of the existence of God is the ontological argument. Unlike the cosmological and the design arguments the ontological argument does not attempt to seek evidence with in our physical

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