The Theory Of Intelligence, And Multiple Intelligences Theory

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Ever since the inception of Psychology as a scientific field people have wondered of the origins ,& factors of Intelligence. Thinkers from as early as the Greek school of philosophy pondered what made one man smart ,and another dull. Early england thought that they could correlate the size of a man’s head with his intelligence. Though it was only when psychologists started testing people using exams aimed at cognitive processes did real scientific theories start to emerge. The question I began with when starting this project is, What theory of intelligence most accurately models it? My question came from going over some college board sources over intelligence ,& wondering about it’s various theories So with a significant amount of…show more content…
He also believed that this general factor transcended all cultural values placed in different skills ,& was linked to genetics. He was not responsible for the introduction of cognitive testing to psychology ,but he came up with a formula that corrected a coefficient used in analyzing test results which assured that correlation in scores was correctly displayed. He found that success in one area of the test usually assured success in most areas. Spearman acknowledged that people could develop talents outside of those he measured ,but he attributed them to more skill/experience than innate mental ability. Modern research has uncovered that the “G“ factor is comparable to a rate, People with higher levels of “G” learn more with less time ,& less assistance than those with lower levels.

Research that supports this theory is that scientists placed various people under a CAT scan while providing simple stimulation. People predicted to have higher “G” factors from iq tests were shown to be faster at responding to simple stimuli. Additionally recreations of the experiment in various places show that it does in fact transcend the borders of culture. Additionally there has been for a long time, a direct correlation with iq ,& success. People with higher iq’s are more likely to make it into higher education, get a impressive career ,& generally succeed. For people with lower intelligence the exact inverse was found in addition to being more likely to commit a crime.
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