The Theory Of Ladenness 's Theory Essay

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The theory of ladenness has been debated amongst philosophers for hundreds of years. The theory of ladenness debates whether one’s past experiences affect their perceived inputs or their interpretation of those inputs. Kuhn strongly believes that one’s experiences affect what they perceive, however Hanson provides strong evidence suggesting that what people perceive as their surroundings are indistinguishable, but their interpretations differ. While there is evidence to support both theories, I believe that Hanson better provides evidence by showing the strength of his theory while correspondingly arguing the flaws in Kuhn’s theory. To understand the theory of ladenness, we need to differentiate between perception and interpretation. Perception is the process where we become aware of our surroundings, while interpretation is the process were our minds absorb the information and comprehend it using information and experiences we have accumulated. Despite their differences, these two functions are essentially related. Together they allow us to become aware and react to our surroundings. We are constantly perceiving and subconsciously reacting to our surroundings, without any cognization. However, when we are presented with a problem, we force ourselves to use a deeper level of cognition to think through the problem. This mindful use of our cognitive abilities is what interpretation is, the application of our past experiences to comprehend what he have perceived. Rather than

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