The Thin Red Line Presents War

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We return to the present and we see Ryan questioning whether he was a good man and made the most of his life for the sake of those soldiers who laid their life down for his. His wife reassures Ryan that he honored their memory. The ending presents itself as a perfect ending, even though many died for Ryan he did not squander the opportunity granted to him and he upheld their memory. In the end it was a perfect Hollywood blockbuster, everything happened for a reason and it was a beautiful story filled with friendship, hardship, loss, and love. Those are the characteristics we use to romanticize war, a journey full of loss, hardships, and friendship that in the end there is peace. The Thin Red Line presents war in a different light the entire premise is the war. There are varying voices narrating throughout the movie, they speak of war as the destruction of the human soul. War is characterized as a game of chance where your life hangs on only chance. The movie begins with a voice saying, “What’s this war in the heart of nature? Why does nature vie with itself?” it appears like a metaphor for human life and why do humans war one another. We then see a village in the pacific with natives living a simple life undisturbed then we see Witt and another soldier who appear to be living with the natives. Witt then talks about his mother dying and realizes that dying peacefully is where immortality is hidden. This presents that there is no beautify in war, as no death is
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