The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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In Tim O 'Brien 's, The Things They Carried, many soldiers in the front line of the Vietnam War were psychologically and physically paralyzed by the war for many years after. The soldiers were left emotionally and mentally unstable for the rest of their life after the war. In The Things They Carried, Jimmy Cross is the lieutenant of his platoon whom feels guilt for his friend’s death. During the war, Jimmy Cross has a girlfriend back home that he always thinks of. Throughout the war, he focused mainly on his girlfriend Martha instead of his fellow soldiers in his platoon. His lack of focus to his fellow soldiers had led to the death of his friend’s, Ted Lavender. Jimmy Cross blames himself for his friend death because he feels like it is his fault for not watching over them. He feels guilty for his friend’s death, and the thoughts of Martha haunt him whenever he thinks about their death. He decides to burn everything that Martha has given him to help him concentrate on the war. However, it doesn’t help him, because he remembers everything that Martha has given him. Still thinking about Martha, he forgets about the war and finds out that his Indian friend Kiowa has died in the sewage field after drowning. Jim Cross started to feel worse about his actions, and felt even more guilty and started to write a letter to Kiowa’s father. This made Jimmy Cross feel unstable about himself because he felt guilty about his actions throughout the war and cannot turn time back. Azar,

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