The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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The things they carried are a story written by Tim O’Brien about a group of US solders that are fighting in the Vietnam War. This story centers on First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross his band of brothers. In this story we follow Lt Cross through the jungles, in the caves, and across the rice patties of Vietnam. We get the rare opportunity of looking into what a man thinks and does when he is stranded thousands of miles from his home, family, and friends. The name of this story suggests what it is about; the things they carried. It talks about the their experience in Vietnam and what they carried physically and mentally. From the beginning of this book, Lt. Cross goes into great detail of what supplies they have to carry with them and everything that has to do with these supplies. Cross describes to us what, how heavy, and what any item that he or his brethren may be carrying at any point in time. Cross goes into detail about these items in a very standard and almost rehearsed way at the beginning of the book and towards the end he stops talking about their weight. The way he talks about the weights in the beginning act almost in a way that comforts him. It’s as if he doesn’t think about what is actually going around him and instead that a claymore weighs 3.5 pounds that what is going on around him isn’t happening. He is affixed onto these items to avoid dealing with the tragedy that is happening around him. After we get part way through the book he stops

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