The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien

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The common perspective of a wolf is a terrorist who kills innocent people and commits horrible crimes, however, horrific actions such as these are not the only things that can classify someone as a wolf. A wolf does not have to physically harm others in order to earn that title. It is not uncommon to be hurting emotionally and it has the potential to cause physical harm when taken too far. I believe that those who hurt innocent people emotionally are just as wolfly as those who physically harm others. Tim O’Brien’s novel, “The Things They Carried” is a unique novel composed of many short stories, all of which have the ability to be taken as individual short stories, or can be put together to form one long novel. These short stories focus on war, the real truth, the emotional truth, and the lies. There are many instances where the narrator, Tim O’Brien (not to be confused with the author), proves himself to be an extremely wolfly man through these stories. He illustrates, time and time again, his wolfly characteristics such as betrayal of his friends, manipulation of his readers’ emotions, and sheer fabrication of horrible stories. Many small details throughout the multiple stories are forgotten soon after closing the book or shutting the computer screen. However, some of the more disturbing, or wolfly instances have stuck with me long after reading O’Brien’s stories. One specific incident occurred not actually during the stories, but afterwards, in the “Notes” section.…
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