The Things They Carried Rhetorical Analysis

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To Say or Not To Say? Proper communication in Tim O’ Brien ‘’The Things They Carried’’ In the story ‘’The Things They Carried’’, Tim O ‘Brien shows the life of a platoon of young American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Even though they meet many kinds of uncertainties about nervous atmosphere at a war zone or fear of other peers’ laughing, the young soldiers do not often talk with each other and hide their fear and fantasy. Although sometimes Cross and Lavender are seemed to cope with their difficulties, there still exists some uncertainties in their minds. Moreover, Lavender and Cross are still distracted by uncertainties. Cross spend much time determining virginity and truth of love of Martha so he does not care about his fellow soldiers constantly. In term of …show more content…

Obviously, in the story, Cross hides his fantasy ‘’Martha’’ and does not talk about his girl with any fellow soldiers. However, he spends much time to determine whether Martha is virgin or not. Furthermore, he tries to make it clear about whether Martha loves him or not. Because of this kind of uncertainty, ‘’his mind wanders’’ and ‘’he had difficulty keeping his attention on the war’’ (473). However, at that moment, he still does not show his uncertainty to his fellow soldiers. He thinks about ‘’Martha’’ and his uncertain love so many times that ‘’he does not care about his men’’ (477). As a consequence, his platoon moves as ‘’mules’’ (477) and easily gets exhausted. He does not think about the nervous war situation and talk about his plans of war to his fellow soldiers. Due to lack of communication, Cross does not organize the platoon regularly and frequently and make a specific plan of war. His leadership is gradually worse during the war. Lastly, his fellow soldier Lavender dies early and

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