The Third Dimension Of Civil Military Relations

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The third dimension of civil-military relations is about the public in general. We as an organization, work and function on taxpayers money. The least we can do is being accountable in front of them on how we spend their money. On the other hand, we must gain their trust and seek their support in our endeavor. It’s from there that we recruit our men and women in uniform. At the same time, we must provide our support for them. To conclude with this part, we all know that politics, policy and military are tangled together at their highest levels. Militaries will look for objectives while politicians will look for options. Definitively there will be times of friction between them. There will be generals who will try to dictate or speak their mind out in public or elsewhere. However, there are ways to keep this regular friction from becoming a serious problem in civil-military relations, Nonetheless, public generally recognize the importance of the militaries and their deeds. Anytime, I address this matter it comes to my mind the famous poem written by British poet Rudyard Kipling dedicated to the common soldier. I have always wondered how could it be possible for a portray to be so meaningful and contemporary to the actual day. I had the pleasure and privilege to translate this poem in Albanian so I would like to share with you the last verses.
For it 's Tommy this, an ' Tommy that, an ' "Chuck him out, the brute!"
But it 's "Saviour of 'is country" when the guns begin to
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