The Third Time - Original Writing

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“Brooke, this will be the third time you’re late for school if you don’t hurry!” Mom started yelling up the stairs.“I’m coming, I’m coming mom!” I quickly grabbed my backpack and scurried down the stairs. “The bus is here, I’d hurry if I were you.” My mom hugged me as I slid on my shoes. As I ran to the bus my mom called out, “And don’t forget to be nice!” Once I get on the bus I look around for a seat, I look around and see everyone who is by themselves put their backpack next to them. As I start to walk down the aisle, I see my best friend Saige waving to me to go sit down with her. As I sit down next to her I look around. Everyone is talking with their friends, except for Jason, the most popular boy in the school. And guess what he’s doing... staring right at me. “Brookie what’s wrong” Saige starts tapping me on the shoulder. I quickly spin around. “Oh nothing. How was your weekend?” As the the bus slows down, everyone stands up and grabs their stuff. I grab my backpack and step out into the aisle. “Have you picked out your dress for the dance yet?” Saige says as she grabs her backpack and steps out into the aisle. “Well, no one has asked me, and to be honest I doubt anyone will, so I don’t think I’m gonna go.” I step off the bus and head to the entrance of our school. “What if someone did?” Saige runs up next to me. “Well, I guess I would go if someone asked me.” I push open the double doors of the school and start heading over to my locker. “So if someone asks

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