The Three Basic Components Of Feedback System

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The three basic components of feedback system are receptor, integrating center and effector. For the feed back to work, the body will feel stimuli in its environment causing the receptor to act on that change. The receptor monitors the change and send a signal through the afferent pathway an inputting the information into the integrating central. The Integrating center, usually the brain evaluates the input from the receptor and output the command through the efferent pathway. Effector, generally it will be a gland or muscle receives the command and act upon authority to the set point. There are two basic types of communication negative feedback and positive feedback. Most homeostasis is negative feedback the effector will reverse the change returning the body to a normal state. Positive feedback, reinforce the change in the effector driving it in the direction of completion.
b. Body began to shiver because shivering occurs when insufficient heats are produced. When blood and skin temperature drop the receptor it detects the change, sending signals throughout the nerve impulse and into integrating center. Hypothalamus, integrating center, is stimulator and it sends signals through nerve impulses to the effector. Decreasing in heat loss and increasing in heat production by the contraction and relaxation of skeletal muscle causing the body to shiver.
2. Denature is when protein loses its shape through pH or temperature. For example, when an egg is cooked, the protein in the

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