The Three Paradigms in Society

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"The Three Paradigms in Society" Functionalist paradigm, conflict paradigm, and symbolic interaction paradigm are the three major paradigms that function in today's society. Functionalist, and conflict paradigms are macro-sociological paradigms. Symbolic interaction is a micro-sociological paradigm. Functionalist paradigm focuses on the integration of society, while social conflict focuses on the issue of division among society. Symbolic interaction works on communication and social change as a consequence. The three paradigms are completely different from each other in a social point of view. The macro-sociological paradigms view America as an inequality state. The social conflict paradigm fits today's society. The functionalist …show more content…

Functionalist paradigm tends to focus on social stability and unification. As a result this cause more inequality in society. It ignores social class status, racial issues, ethical issues, and sex gender. Its end result causes a tremendous amount of conflict. Social conflict paradigm sees society in little cluster, or groups that have their own agenda. Certain groups have the luck of better economic conditions, which without a doubt economic

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