The Tiger

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What came out of the door on the right? Is it the Tiger, or is it the Lady? Frank R. Stockton, author of “The Tiger or The Lady” left this unclear, stating that the story could go either way while giving us background information to the princess’s mind before her lover’s potential execution. Did the princess give him the pleasure of moving on, or did she send him to his death? The possibilities of the Tiger being the outcome of the door on the right outweigh the maiden because the princess is jealous, believed that it is the right thing to do, and hated the thought of awarding a girl who she thought already loved the accused. Throughout the story of “The Tiger or The Lady” the princess expresses great love for the commoner. However, after months of their love going unnoticed, the Semi-Barbaric King discovers this love and quickly put a stop to it. Soon after the …show more content…

She takes great disgust the thought of letting another woman take the man she loves after losing him due to her father’s wrath. The lady that would be the “reward” of his trial, as opposed to immediate death, is one that she knew off. She often thought that her love and this woman often exchanged looks of affection with each other, even talking to each other. This is greatly taken into thought as she devised her decision and would be a cause of her decision to send her to his death. She abhors the women and detests the thought of them being together. “How in her grievous reveries gnashed her teeth, and torn her hair when she saw the rapturous delight as he opened the other door of the lady!” (Stockton 3) By giving him a way out she would also reward the lady with whom she believed her love betrayed her with. If the Princess could award the lady and her first lover by allowing them to be together, then she would be uncharacteristically generous for her Semi-Barbaric

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