The Toronto Blessing : A Great Deal Of Controversy Concerning Its Authenticity

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Like many publicized outbreaks of the Holy Spirit, The Toronto Blessing has faced a great deal of controversy concerning its authenticity. It has been categorized as a series of charismatic experiences and religious phenomenon resulting in uncontrollable laughter, speaking in tongues, shaking, and falling to the ground. The Blessing initially began in the Toronto airport, a very unlikely place, on January 20, 1994. However, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit from that original day is thought to have spread like a domino effect to other people, locations, and times. The eruption began when Pastor Randy Clark spoke at the Toronto Airport Vineyard church in 1994 (whose name has now been changed to Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship church). The Pastor of the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church felt compelled to invite a speaker to his church after having intense personal experiences with the Holy Spirit. He wanted to share the incredible discoveries and expressions with his congregation, so he not only described his own experiences, but also invited an anointed pastor to share on the subject. Pastor Clark shared his testimony about the outstanding works of the Holy Spirit in his own life, speaking about the reality of manifestations from the spirit. During his testimony, he described getting so overwhelmed that he would become “drunk in the spirit” and overtaken with holy laughter. Clark also explained his prior skepticism and acknowledged his understanding that manifestations

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