The Toy Soldier And War

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The Toy Soldier and War Commemoration
War cannot simply be set aside or forgotten; war creates a sense of national mood that infiltrates various aspects of society and culture and reaches entire populations, not solely adults. When looking at the significance and history behind classic dolls, a large toy store transforms into a warehouse for the preservation and education of war. This paper will examine the history of toy soldiers, discuss the importance of war dolls on education, and access the dialogue surrounding the psychological effects of war and play. In so doing, I hope to paint a broad understanding of the significance of dolls, specifically toy soldiers, in terms of war commemoration and their impact on society.
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These small figurines, standing at 2 ¼ inches tall, represent uniformed personnel and combatants and convey a vast history of battle. They exemplify major battles and even provide other fighters like Samurais. The extensive collections of stand-alone characters and boxed sets, along with landscape scenery, allow children and collectors to recreate entire battle-scenes. Thus, not only do children play with the figurines, they also learn intensive history about various wars through this interaction. The manufacturing of toy soldiers continued to increase, and in the United States, “lead and plastic soldiers were so widely available, [that] many baby-boomers grew up collecting both.” Though they suffered a minor setback due to growing anti-war sentiment in America during the Vietnam War, many children of the 1960s reminisced as adults about their collections, only to find out their parents sold their figurines. This led to a resurgence in the popularity of toy soldiers. Furthermore, the cheap availability of plastic allows for toy soldier production at increasingly exceptional rates. Additionally, the Internet allows for further expansion of the toy soldier as websites allow for like-minded collectors to come together to discover information about toy

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