The Tradition in Octavia E. Butler´s Parable of the Sower Essay

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In Octavia E. Butler’s novel “Parable of the Sower”, the community was entirely collapsed, and almost everywhere was chaos and out of control. It was obviously in a dark period. The main character, Lauren used to live in the walled community; it was the only small safe place for people tried to maintain a normal life. Because the neighborhood provided a temporary safety, people were willing to stay for education and work even if the walled community had been getting crowded already. To compare and contrast Lauren’s community, it was huge but absolutely chaos and poor outside. People from outside were uneducated, and the government was totally corrupt so that people would just steal, rob and even kill someone in order to survive if they …show more content…

Everyone had equal rights to learn any skills to develop and create a new better life; however, getting education became more and more difficult for many people. According to Kim Clark’s article “College Tuition, Other Costs Climb Again This Year”, he explained that a lot of students could not afford the tuition because it kept growing. For example, “Public university tuition and fees alone rose 4.8% to $8,655. In addition, higher dorm, cafeteria, books and other expenses added significantly to the overall increase” (Clark). Tuition had accounted for about half of that increase, which meant that many students had to pay extra money if they continued to go to school. In fact, not many people could accept this high cost. Especially in the public universities, more than half of the students were living in low-income families (Clark). As a result of that, tuition rising would only affect this huge particular group of students. If these low-income students could not afford to pay school fees, they preferred to drop out of school. Accordingly, more than half of the public university students would lose their rights to get education, which showed that people who would be able to get education become fewer. As people in the walled community, only Lauren and others could read and write, and these few educated people could not improve anything. Even the whole walled neighborhood was eventually destroyed by people who did not get an education. So the

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