The Traditions Of Hawaiians And The Sun

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Death is part of life that affects everyone regardless of race, tribe, religion or geographical area. Different communities view death in particular and unique ways. Explanations of the traditions of Hawaiians specifically rituals performed during death. The culture of Hawaiians is mostly influenced by their geographical location e.g. their nearness to large water bodies, mountains and valleys. Religion is a tool for answering the mysteries of life related death and is a unifying factor. Religion defines the rules and regulations of communities forming a tradition that is passed from one generation to another (Akindes, 2001). Hawaii is an island which consist of a large area of land surrounded by water so most traditions are focused…show more content…
The Hawaiians believed in the existence of spirits who would come back to torment them if not treated with the required respect. This is the main reason why they treat the bones of the dead with utmost respect. The spirits would take the shape of humans and are able to communicate with the living. They are viewed as being powerful since the living cannot attack or control the life but they are able to manipulate the living to perform certain things. Among the fishermen, they would throw the bodies of the dead into the ocean which were later eaten by sea animals e.g. sharks to be in peace with the guardian spirit. This was done with a view to protect the fishermen in their daily fishing activities e.g. from the high waves of the sea or being attacked by sharks. They believed that the spirits of the dead fishermen would enter the sharks and control their aggression toward humans in the ocean. But when the fisherman enraged the spirits or did not show proper, frequent attacks would be experienced at sea. When this occurred, religious leaders would be summoned to cleanse the sea and prevent future attacks. The bodies of the dead would undergo a special ritual before they are disposed of. Religious leaders would officiate These rituals in the presence of family members or close friends to the deceased. If the deceased died in the house, those people around would assemble to clean the body. If the
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