The Tragedy Of Germany During The World War II

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The Tragedy of Germany can be viewed as a turning point in history for all cultures. From this tragedy we learned much about racism and the horrors than can come from other races thinking they are better than the other and what evil it can lead to. Hitler is in the middle of this tragedy and what he did to the world that caused million in deaths is still what shocks readers as they learn just what history contains from this horrible era. As gruesome as some details are to what he did to others, he was still quite a canny and impertinent leader. He accomplished things in his life that lead to him being the leader of the Nazi party and Chancellor as well. “Hitler as an adept young Austrian boy dropped out of High School, wanting to become an artist. He failed to gain entrance into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts” (Fredriksen, 2016). While in Vienna, Hitler was known to have become Semitic according to the article “World War II”. (2008) Hitler Left Austria and enlisted in the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. After four years he won his German citizenship by winning the prestigious Iron Cross, as well as four other medals for bravery. (Fredriksen, 2016). It was at this time in Hitler’s lifetime states Fredriksen who wrote the biography “Adolf Hitler” that Hitler was given a rank of Corporal in the German Army in 1919. Fredriksen also tells us in his biography that “Hitler joined the German worker’s party, which he later helped expand into the National Socialist German
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