The Tragedy Of Jason And Medea

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The Tragedy of Jason and Medea The Greek myth of Jason and Medea is complex and changing. Having developed orally, the story differs based on sources, but the main narrative stays the same. The story can be broken up into two parts. The beginning is the oral myth that starts with Jason when he was a baby and tells the story of his journey on the Argos, quest for power, marriage to Medea, betrayal of his wife, and, eventually, his death. Secondly, the play Euripides wrote, Medea, picks up near the end of the story, after Jason has already betrayed Medea. The story of Jason and Medea can be considered a Greek tragedy because it’s exciting narrative evokes fear and pity in the reader, it involves important character with royal lineage, …show more content…

Instead, the women used them to repopulate the island. Their second stop was at the island of Samothrace, where the Kabeiroi, “a cult of ‘great gods,” initiated them and offered them protection, and then they sailed past Troy and arrived at the Sea of Marmara the following morning. Then, along the Marmara coast, the Argonauts encountered the Harpies, “ugly winged females Zeus has sent to torment Phineus,” a blind prophet who inhabited the island (Wood). Phineas prophesied that Jason would be the first to safely sail the dangerous entrance into the Black Sea. Jason navigated through the Black Sea safely due to Hera’s love for him and the blessing she gave him. Finally, the Argonauts reached the island of Colchis, where, together, they decide to walk to the city of Aia where they see many “bodies wrapped in hide and hung in trees” (Wood). Once they reached the city, Jason asked King Aeetes to give him the Golden Fleece, but the King says he will only give it to Jason if he can conquer many impossible tasks. According to Michael Wood, “[Jason] has to yoke fire breathing-bulls, plough and sow a field with dragons’ teeth, and overcome phantom warriors.” While Jason is beginning to attempt these tasks, Aphrodite makes King Aeetes’ daughter, Medea, fall for Jason; Because of her love for Jason, Medea offers him her help in completing her father’s tasks if Jason will marry her. Jason accepts

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