The Tragedy Of Medea And Jason

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Throughout the entirety of the play, Medea, there are multiple victims of other people’s actions as well as their own. This raises the question: out of all the people who suffer in this classic play, ultimately, who is the tragic figure? Although many people have to suffer slow, painful deaths in the play, the answer is narrowed down to the two main survivors: Medea and Jason. While Jason is the victim of his children getting murdered by Medea, the tragic figure still remains Medea due to how she is the one who suffers the most throughout the play because of Jason and societal expectations. Right from the start, on the first spoken line of the play, the portrayed victim is already Medea. The play starts off with the Nurse reciting a …show more content…

To make things worse, if a woman tries to leave the husband, “then she loses her virtuous reputation.” Meanwhile, a man can change his mind whenever he wants to and do as he pleases. A man can find comfort in his friends while women have to rely on themselves. Medea is suffering so much living in a society like this that she even goes to say that even though men are seen as the protectors of women by battling while women “lead safe, untroubled lives at home,” she would much rather have a man’s role rather than a woman’s role in such society. In the first conversation the reader sees between Medea and Jason, it is clear that Jason is not suffering from the situation at all and even goes to call Medea an idiot for speaking baldy of the king and his daughter, whom he is marrying. Jason claims that the reason he left Medea for the King’s daughter is because he is looking out for the best interest of Medea and their children. He even goes on to tell her, “However much you hate me, I could never wish you any harm.” Although his justification seems like a good excuse and a smart plan, it does not seem genuine seeing as to how quick he dismisses her and does not want to stick up for her by talking to the Creon about letting her stay and not exiling her and their

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