The Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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In The Tragedy of Othello, Shakespeare constructs the character of the war hero and “noble Moor,” whose sense of honor and justice is compromised and brings about his downfall. The story is set in the island of Cyprus, where war has broken out between Venice and the invading Turks. Othello is respected and his military skills coupled with a charismatic and self-reliant character made Desdemona fall in love with him. He measures his self-worth and honorability based on his valor and his treasured wife, who had rejected other nobleman to be with him, despite him being older and dark-skinned which were traits that were tragically used to undermine his reputation. The main antagonist in this play is Iago. His resentment for Othello comes from being passed over for a promotion and he swears his revenge. He makes Othello believe that his new wife innocent wife, Desdemona, committed adultery with his newly promoted officer Michael Cassio. His proceeding actions leads Othello to take his own life after his wife’s. . In Scene 2 of Act 5, Othello claims, “For naught I did in hate, but all in honour.” Shakespeare shows that it is not the action Othello takes, but his inner nature that plays the compromising role of honor.
Gender roles take on a significant part in defining honor through the play. For men, military exploits were one of the main criteria, along with trustworthiness and integrity in morality and financial matters. But outside the context of war, the primary means by
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