The Tragedy Of The Death Of His Daughter By Michael Cartier

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How Kristin Died is the case study that sparked my interested. The author of this case was Kristin father himself. He wrote this story in order to shine the light on what happened to his daughter, the role that our system played in and all the events leading to the death of his daughter. This story is no happy ending, and what happened to Kristin was horrifying. Through the author’s writing we discover the various ways that our system let Kristin down, and more importantly how the system can continue to lead other individuals to their death. This case contained many “Are you kidding me?” moments, especially after the author revealed the Killers wrap sheet. As you may know this killer is no one else but Kristin ex-boyfriend, Michael Cartier. Cartier had a terrible upbringing and always resulted to anger, violence, and possession towards others or even animals. Cartier had a history of animal cruelty, assaulting ex girlfriends, and restraining orders filed against him. Despite all the crimes he committed, and his experience of being in and out of jail, he was still able to roam the street long enough to kill Kristin. Our system isn’t perfect, in the case of Kristin, these imperfections made more of an impact then we expected. The main issue in this case was the lack of intergovernmental relations, which includes communication of one department to another, budgets within each department, and the workload that a department has to complete. What do I mean by intergovernmental

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