The Tragedy Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The couples were spinning in their lavish dance illuminated by the soft glow of the strung lanterns during the unknown last quiet moments of peace before everything was thrown into chaos. Thunder-like crashes and the scream of an antagonized soul filled the still moments from mere seconds before. Chaotic screams and frantic callings of loved ones names rang through the lost silence. People needing assurance that their loved ones were alright, to know that misery hadn’t come into their lives again. Yet, out of all the people, all the individual lives they lead, and all the stories they had to tell, only one at the moment was of significance was be of a lowly onlooker and her companion hiding behind the rich tapestries when disaster struck. “Grace?” “Grace?!” the girl cried out frantically like the rest of the crowd, but her voice got lost in the chaos. Giving up her failed attempt at trying to get a response she started looking around the ballroom floor for her truest friend since a young age, while trying not to get her dress ruined further, although there were many rips plus soot and dust in every crevice, making her look ever paler then she already was. As she stumbled over large pieces of debris and rubble, not giving up trying to spare the dress from the elements, she cursed her impractical shoes and the whole ball itself. Looking around once more after conquering a particularly large piece of wall that had fallen down she gave a huge sigh in relief when she saw the

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