Essay on The Tragic Case of Larry and Brandon

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The Tragic Case of Larry and Brandon The tragic case of Larry and Brandon is a compelling story. It is a reality that stunned the city of Oxnard California when a 14-year-old boy named Brandon McInerney fatally shot a fellow classmate, Larry King, twice in the back of the head. The incident occurred in a computer lab where Brandon ran off after committing the crime. As a result of his actions Brandon McInerney was tried as an adult and was sentenced to 21 years in prison with no chance of parole. He will be released at the age of 39. Now the underlying question is was Brandon’s sentence a just resolution or should he have received more or less years in prison. The truth is that I believe Brandon’s verdict was a fair and just punishment, …show more content…

Along with King’s provocation Brandon grew up in a very distressing environment. Defense attorney Scott Wippert says, “Brandon is a good kid that grew up in a stressful environment. “Brandon was raised in a house full of drugs and violence. Both of his parents were addicts and both had been incarcerated for crimes they had previously committed. Brandon’s father, Billy McInerney, would constantly shift from smoking crystal meth in one instance to beating his boys in the next. If his kids misbehaved he would beat them and if he had a bad day he would use his kids as punching bags. James Bing, Brandon’s half brother, says that he would physically abuse us in any possible way that you could think of. “He hit us, kicked us, slapped us, threw us around,” said James Bing. “He punched us in the face, and threw us into walls." Brandon even witnessed his mother being shot by his father. When his mom and Billy McInerney were fighting, she ran away from him and he demanded that she turn around when she refused he shot her in the arm. After the shooting Billy served time in jail but when he got out the two married and rather than seeing this as a wake up call the two continued with their old habits of drug use and abuse.
Brandon McInerney was said to be an intelligent kid but how could an intelligent kid do something that was so foolish and careless? How can teens be so clever, accomplished, and responsible and reckless at the same

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