The Tragic Hero In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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The customer of the outdoor café was about to strike the old beggar man who had stumbled into his table, upended his wine goblet and splashed his hands with the crimson liquid. As his arm stirred, his wrist was clasped in an iron grip. Beneath the old man’s cap, the jade green eyes of the man he was expecting to meet sparked their playful grin. “For an officer of your army, you wear your civilian costumes well, despite your clumsiness,” said the patron. He was determined not to be cowed by the surprising arrival of this powerful man. He knew it was a ploy to un-nerve him. Instinctively he reached down to help the man stand. “A flourish of character,” said the man before delivering the agreed upon password, “Alms for the poor and the oppressed?” …show more content…

You will recall,” said ‘K’ “Julius Caesar, in his time, was the glue of factions. Therein lay his genius. He bonded them together before they could kill one of their own, inadvertently make him a martyr and, thereby, gain ascendancy over the other gangs. When Caesar was himself murdered he gained more power than he ever dreamed of in life. The Empire routed the conspirators and Octavius was empowered to rule with an iron fist. I fear that if one of your leaders is killed off by another, he will gain that same status.” “You need not fear our leader,” ‘J’ almost smiled with scorn.” He is hardly the firebrand you fear.” “His views on government?” “That good rule is not by unchallenged ideology or by repression of those who disagree.” “Like my country’s government?” Silence hung, dangerous and heavy, in the humid air. ‘J’ responded with the ancient shrug of all those who find themselves helpless before a conqueror’s massive power. He knew he could be killed for even implying a criticism of the super power this man, this ‘K,’ represented. “I would like to meet with your man,” said ‘K.’ The danger had passed. ‘K’ was suddenly all business.” However, he said, “I do not wish there to be any fuss made or, for that matter, anyone to even know about our conversation.” “Lest it lend some authenticity to our ‘group’?” ‘J’ dared to ask. “No,” said ‘K’’ “So that, if it comes to killing him, there will be no dissension.” “You wouldn’t . . . . “ gasped a startled

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