The Trail Of Tears

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Looking at the background of every great civilization it is very easy to see that every civilization has a dark past. For example the United States has shameful things to look back on such as slavery and the forceful moving of the indian tribes also known as the Trail of Tears. This shows that although the country is great and well developed today they all had to do something to get to where they are today. Italy is one of the most influential countries today. This where Christianity, Mythology, and also it was were the Olympics started. With all these great things coming out of Italy, a lot of tragic things started in Italy. One of those things slave fightings, these fighters are commonly known as Gladiators. These fights were a very big …show more content…

Spartacus was among these great gladiators and he won the great gladiator tournament. This action, made Spartacus have a very powerful name among the people of Rome and among the slaves of Rome. Slaves looked up to Spartacus as if he was a leader of the slaves.

With Spartacus’ name growing among the city it caused him to have enemies because he was being called the greatest gladiator of Rome. The former gladiator champion Crixus of Gaul was wanting his title back from Spartacus so he was training very hard to get back his crown from him. While Crixus and others fighting and training hard to get to where Spartacus is. Meanwhile Spartacus is looking at the bigger picture. He is starting to see how barbaric and cruel being a gladiator is and he really doesn 't want to do it anymore. Seeing this, Spartacus is trying to get the point across to the other gladiators and telling them that this is wrong and they are going to have to take a stand. The other gladiators are not hearing him right away because the Roman Empire has them brainwashed. The Romans tell the gladiators that it is a honor dying for their country, but really they are not. They are really dying for the entertainment of the people of Rome. With time Spartacus got the point across to some of the fighter but, he had trouble with some of them such as Crixus and other head gladiator Gannicus. This is because they refused to fight

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