The Trait Model Of Personality

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The Trait Model of Personality
Jamie Goodwin
PSY330: Theories of Personality
Instructor: George Bell

This paper will offer an overview of the trait model of personality, it will show the similar and different basic assumptions of this model and the psychodynamic model of personality to do with the variances amongst both healthy and unhealthy personalities. It will also describe each of the five traits. Finally, this paper will show my results from The Big Five Personality Test and discuss how I scored on each of the five traits.
“Personality is among the oldest and most pervasively studied topics throughout psychology, making its way into fields as di- verse as neuroscience culture.” (McAbee, & Connelly, …show more content…

Traits are mostly stable over time, fluctuate with individuals, and they impact behavior. In some theories and systems, traits are something a person either has or does not have, but in many other traits are dimensions such as extraversion vs. introversion, with each person rating somewhere along this spectrum. The trait theory approach to personality is different than other personality theory’s because it is fixated on the differences between individuals. The mixture and collaboration of numerous traits form a personality that is exclusive to each person. Trait theory is absorbed with recognizing and computing these individual personality features. Since the inception of the psychology of personality, psychologists have been trying to account for regularities in behavior such as famous trait theorist Gordon Allport. (Piekkola, 2011)
Renowned trait theorist Gordon Allport widely explored ways that traits combine to form regular personalities, categorizing over 18,000 distinct traits. Gordon Allport taught the very first course in American personality psychology while working at Harvard. (Nicholson,1997) Gordon Allport is a trait theorist because he believed that everyone has a number of specific traits that dominate within their personality, called central traits. Although the central traits share in the character of personality, sporadically one of them develops a professed dominant strength. called cardinal trait. Both traits are caused by the individual’s environment

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