The Transformative Impact Of African Americans During World War I

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For African Americans World War I was one of the most transformative moment. At first the war seemed not to impact African Americans much. Little did they know that the war would directly impact them all, both women and men, African Americans from the North and the South, but in this case the most affected were the Southern African Americans. At that time African Americans knew that they had to try to struggle for something they called black freedom. Even though many African Americans did not participate in many important issues like voting or had well paid jobs their hard work and commitment gave them the opportunity to give their families a better future economically and education wise.

Since World War I impacted the south majorly they decided that the best thing to do was to move. Between 1914 and 1920 approximately 500,000 Southern African Americans packed what they had and went off to the North to places like Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. All of this due to obstacles that the Southerners faced like social, economical and political changes. Around 1915 and 1916 things started to get worse for Southern Africans Americans, at that moment the infestation that was occurring ruined the cotton crops and many of the
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The United States pushed the whole nation to participate in the war and of course this included African Americans. The government not only mobilized the whole nation to participate in the war but also wanted an 100% Americanism participation. A large amount of African Americans did not support this and hesitated to participate in the war. The reason why African Americans hesitated to participate was because they viewed the war to be apathetically meaning not interesting or
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