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Jerry continued his demanding work schedule for the next few years until he was able to retire at the age of 38. When he retired he had been in the military for nearly 20 years and was more than ready to spend a lot of time at home. I asked how his transition into retirement was and he said it was absolutely great. He said that from the time he was married until he retired he put as much money as possible into his retirement, which meant he, Mae, and the children lived of the bare minimum for a lot of years. He said it was more than worth it because his retirement checks were significantly higher than his work checks. Another aspect of his retirement that he thoroughly enjoyed was the amount of time he had. Jerry now had the time to go on hunting and fishing trips all over the country. Along with the amount of time, Jerry was also excited to discuss his first grandchild, along with his other grandchildren.
When their first grandchild arrived, Jerry said he and Mae were very excited. They both felt lucky because three out of their four kids settled in Nebraska, so they were able to see their kids and their grandkids frequently. Jerry has remained very involved with his grandchildren over the years. He and May have kept in touch and visited them frequently, but he said one thing that really brings them together is a hunting contest he created for the grandchildren. Each year the grandchild who shot the largest deer has been awarded a rifle from Jerry’s collection.

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